Too much work

  • Despite the advent of modern network technology, the recruitment process has not evolved much. Requiring subsequent screenings at the interview stage(s), the candidate you just hired still might not be the right one for the job. Many factors play into this scenario - the puffing up of skills and accomplishments on a candidate’s CV; miscommunication of the expectations from both parties; and so on. And once you realize that, it’s too late; forcing you to repeat the cycle ad nauseam.

The right one is a pick away

  • A play on the phrases “pergi kerja” and “pick je”, Pikoje is an intelligent matching platform to help match the right talents to the right jobs that require their skills and talent., basically a job portal?

  • Not quite. Rather than just peddling out resumes to the highest bidders, we take a more involved approach to ensure that the jobseekers on our platform are able to be matched effectively with you, the employers, that are in need of their services. By collaborating with various learning institutions and industry players, we are able to provide a higher relevancy match rate between jobseekers and employers.

Improving the industry, one hire at a time

  • As employers, you have the opportunity to help us improve the quality of candidates that come through your door. By participating in our platform, not only will you be able to find suitable and qualified candidates for your positions, but you will also be able to help learning institutions reevaluate their course structures based on the current trends and needs of the industry.